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The forum has been alive for 1 year this month. Nearly 400 members and growing rapidly. Let's hope for many more in the next year.

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Congrats to us all, and at one year old we are just babies. And it keeps on getting better.
Congrats to all of us....this forum is the greatest.
I cannot imagine enduring the wait (which still goes on for me) in a total vacuum with NO info and no idea what the heck is going on with my car.

We in Atlanta also have benefitted by having a great group of new "friends" and some really terrific get-togethers, none of which could have happened without this forum.


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It just does not even seem close to a year since this site has been up & running. Time sure goes by fast when your having fun on the forum and slow when your waiting for your T-Bird. Have enjoyed each and everyone's input into this forum. Putting 400 heads together works alot better than beating your own head against the wall trying to learn these things by yourself. Thanks everyone.

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anniversaries tend to slip by sometimes but this one isn't. We're all glad you had this forum up and running long before the BON was having it's problems last fall. It's sure kept our "family" together! Thanks!

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Since the appropriate gift for the 1st year anniversary is paper it would be very nice if Ford and/or the bank would "give" us the titles to our Birds. Unfortunatly "They" expect to "recieve" the gift in the form of a check or cash.

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Congratulations on the 1st anniversary! I am relatively new to the forum but find the content of all the members useful, rewarding and consoling as I too wait for the good word about delivery.
Thanks to all and especially to our Moderators.

400 members... WOW! That's pretty good when you consider there are only 25,000 cars being built and less than half that number have even been built!

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Thanks to all!!!

Shared information/communication has been a great benefit to all of us.

When I tell people about this forum I like to refer to it as "my support group", as we have all shared this special car together.
I just found this old thread about the one year anniversary. I noticed that its almost time for the twenty year anniversary congrats are in order thanks tbird. Is that you biddle? picture looks close if you take twenty years off. How many members now?
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