Ford Ordering Codes for 2003 Tbirds

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My dealer seems to be unable to order the 2003 Tbird online because he does not know the ordering codes for the new 2003 Tbird exterior and interiors. I think I saw the Gray exterior code as CX . Does anyone know where I can find the codes to fax to my dealer?

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Ford released the 2003 order guide a month ago so the dealer should have the info. The grey is CX and for the interiors, black is now BW, saddle is BS. The grey top color is RT or if you want black, RA. If you want the select shift, it's code is 53S.

All other codes are the same as 02. Other codes are RC for the new blue exterior and BC for the white interior, BR is now the red interior.
Perfect code number for the saddle tan interior...BS...
You refer to White inserts, will it be available with all color exteriors or just the Coral?
The saddle's not that bad, it's the whole seat. The top of the steering wheel and the shift knob are saddle leather too.

The partial white is available with all T-bird colors except grey which is only avilable with black or saddle interior.

Have the 03 ordering info from Ford of Canada. Should be more or less the same in the US, although the price increase will not be as high!
The white interior is not a full accent only partial. The only full accent is red. There is no blue accent any more! They are calling the saddle tan a partial accent but specify the entire seat will be tan with the wheel in tan leather along with the gear shifter.

The blue car can have a blue, white or black top with Ink Black interior but if the white partial accent is ordered only the black and blue tops are available, same with red, if you order the partial white accent only red and black tops are available while the red car can be ordered with a white top only if the ink black is ordered. Go figure!
Only Black and Grey exteriors will have the saddle tan partial accent option, no other colors. The 6 CD changer in the dash is the same no change.
Heated seats and the 7 spoke chrome wheels are standard.
They make a big deal about 'improved" sun visors! We saw them and they don't even match the interior, they are exactly the same but covered in a cheap cloth. Nothing else in the car has the same cloth. When we all complaied about the visors we didn't mean the covering!

If anyone can tell me if the Blue accent / or partial bluewill be available in the US I would like to know.
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