Ford Forty-Nine TBIRD BASED!

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Ok this is quite possibly the coolest automobile I have seen OTHER THAN the Tbird, and guess what, it's based off the T-bird. It's quite clearly marked "Powered by Thunderbird". I don't know what they're feeding the designers at Ford, but I am truly impressed and amazed that they've finally found out what American auto beauty is. You guys all know the 02+ birds are so reminiscent of the 57 bird that u get chills, the script writing on the back side flank, the tail lights, the front grill, the reverse wedge design, all dead ringers for the classic 57 bird. Gave me goosebumps. I'm looking at this concept for the Ford Forty-Nine and I literally got tears in my eyes in regards to how classicly beautiful it is. How genious of Ford! This IS the 4 seater Thunderbird here! I'm pasting links, please write to Ford and get this concept out, I might be the only one who buys BOTH a tbird AND a forty-nine. One with 4 doors for the family, and a roadster for me :)

Favorite Pic!:

Must Read Link:

2nd Favorite Pic:


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I have seen this before. I agree it is nice looking and would very much consider buying it. I was waiting for the new GTO but it is so ugly I would not consider it.
Those back wheel covers were ripped from the Cadillac!
Very nice, I agree. A little too T-birdesque, perhaps, but definitely nice. Mmm, I wonder what they are putting in the cereal the Ford designers are eating for breakfast. Whatever it is, they should keep doing it.
It is like the Bird in the way that the '55 Fairlane was like the '55 Bird. And that's a good thing. One of the things I love about my T-Bird is the view over the hood, and I imagine the 49 would have somewhat the same quality. I wish that Ford would make this car the mainstay of its automobile line with variants from a 6 cylinder Fairlane "Business Coupe" priced near or below $20K all the way up to a loaded up "Crown Victoria" with glass roof (like the show car) priced around $40K, and with Sunliner, Police Interceptor (watch out Broderick Crawford), Station Wagon, Ranchero, and Sedan Delivery (panel truck) variants.

I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish. Oh, how I wish. Having said that: word on BON (Blue Oval News) forum is that - although J Mays would love to build the 49, it has been indefinitely shelved. Looks like Ford used up all its balls with the T-Bird.
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