Ford Customers #1- No Way

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Since our new salesman doesn't know light
from day concerning the T-Bird, I talked
to the Customer Relations Rep today.

Turns out all sold order customer (meaning
not on the inside) have been moved back
3 spots on the allocation list. So if you
were a number 4, you are now number 7.

Reason owner of the Lincoln dealership
wanted 1, the GM of Ford section wanted 1
and another titled that forgot wanted 1. The
owner got with Ford and managed 3 additional
allocations to his original 8. They put
their 3 first pushing the rest of us down
the list. If the lady wasn't suppose to say
anything too late now. Our late February
car is now a summer car. Just said not
paying MSRP for a 2002 with 2003 coming out
a month or 2 later. She's going to call Ford
like it's going to do any good. Guess car is
up in the air again. I was also told Ford
is no longer making the Yellow color. So
asked her how are they going to get us a
yellow car, again no answer.

Jodrod might find this interesting. According
to her Ford is only making 50 t-birds a
month.I informed her VIN's are up to 10,000.
She didn't have a comeback. Wanted to know
how I knew so much about the car. Just said
a lot of information is out there if you
would look.

Mother wasn't that surprised. Said way
been treated by Bluebonnet the past two years
just confirming all the comments people make
about them in town.

What raised my suspicion, mother
has been getting 2 to 3 calls a months from
the Lincoln section trying to get her to
extend the Lincolns lease. Now know why.

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Not to worry about Ford not producing the yellow. While on the factory tour last week, one of the Ford officials on the tour with us said that all sold customer orders will definitely be filled. Anyone waiting for Thunderbird Blue or Inspiration Yellow WILL be getting their cars! As to the comment about 50 cars a month...there were well over 100 cars in the factory at various phases of production just along the assembly line itself, not to mention the ones already complete and in the holding lot!

Sorry to hear that the dealership isn't treating their "loyal" customers right. Most good dealerships are filling customer orders first THEN the dealership execs/owners.

Best of luck.

T02 Bird -- That's good information on the
color. Way they made it sound, no more

About an hour ago mom called. The dealership
left a message that a Ford Zone Rep will
be contacting her tomorrow, to go over
the situation. If we all haven't been
waiting so long, don't think "line cutting"
would have bothered so much.

They did promise her the car would be in
before the lease was up. If the owner and
his buds wasn't given priority treatment it
would have been.
I think you should suggest to the Zone rep that he pick up the cost of your lease extension. It's the only fair thing to do, and I'm sure it would make your mom a little less impatient. How's that?

That kind of "Line Cutting" is very common. I was # 7 at my dealer, then the owner moved himself up a few notches for his own personal car. That means that my #7 became #8 in line.

Then, when he decided he didn't want the red full color accent package, he ordered another one with black accents... moving me another notch down... to # 9.

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Waiting for #9476...
If they would pick up the lease cost, she
will probably ride it out. When read the
terms extension cost is $750 a month.

She doesn't drive that much, 9000 miles in
2 year, so the wear and tear would be
minimal. Will just have to see what
tomorrow bears ???

Don't like the idea of her not having
wheels. If an emergency came up for her
or her mom. They were just so "positive"
it was going to be here when talked her into
the lease route.
TBIRDII, Wasn't this the dealer who said he was the largest one around? Are you getting it for MSRP? Sounds like you might want to look around for another dealer. I don't like the rep of Bill Kob Jr. in Nanuet but, he does have a bunch of them. Don't know what he is charging however. :)
Spent the morning talking to some other
dealers in our area.

The Zone Rep did not call yesterday,
nor the dealers Customer Service.
The dealers visted today said not to
expect much out of a Zone Rep, they
are basically just a salesman.

Did find out that neiher will do dealer
to dealer trades with our dealer anymore.
They don't follow up on their end of the

Called Ford's 800# and the lady said
made a note of the situation and to write
a letter to Fords Customer Relations Center
in Dearborn.
I was afraid this would happen at our store as well, so we prioritized the orders as they were recieved. The first one went to a salesman who asked me almost 4 years ago if he could have the first one. The rest went so previous customers based on when they ordered them and left deposits. I ordered my wifes last May and hers is 12 of 17, and I'm the dealer. Good luck and I hope the dealer comes around and gets you your car. John
Hey Birdforwife - sounds like a great trade (old joke)!!!!

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
John - Think done all can do at this
point. No calls from a Zone Rep, dealer
customer relations or our salesman but
than he's on cloud 9 about the car.

You were playing fair with the folks from the
beginning. When look back now should have
gotten a copy of the paper with the names
and numbers. Since all have is the order
receipt on Oct 2000 and order number. They
could conveniently loose the list or
rewrite it, just a big mess.

John I do have a dealer question --
How do the dealers come across the awards.
They have all kinds of stuff on the walls and
banners. Presidents award, Top in service,
top in customer satisfaction, on an on.
Few locals will deal their, surrounding
dealer won't work with them. Who does the
voting ???? One of the other dealers was
talking too made a comment. Was surprised
was having trouble they win all the awards.
His being funny got me thinking how

The awards are based on the responses on the sales and service surveys sent by ford to the people who bought their cars or had warranty service work done by that dealer.
Was just wondering. We have been having
the lincoln's service there for 12 years
and have never received a survey.

They have changed who controled the
dealership so might be left over from
before ??

Bet they won't get a positive here. A
friend took their car in for service,
tech did not connect the fuel line properly.
It caught on fire 2 blks away. Dealership
said it wasn't their fault. They ended up
having an attorney involved.

1/22 Ford sent an e-mail. Ford Customer
Relations does not get involved with dealer
matters. No wonder so many are getting the
shaft by dealers, they evidently don't
have to answer to Ford on how they operate.

She offered to check the status, if would
give her the information. E-mailed if she
could read past the first line it was all
listed. Beside could check the status
24hours a day without her assistance.

Bill Ford if your reworking the company
when do you plan to start. A sales manger
at one of the other dealers suggested
wtiting to the state attorney general,
guess he knew wasn't going to get anywhere.

Ford will not normally get involved in dealer customer SALES issues and disputes. Such as sales price, trade ins, or order priority. As for the awards they are the results of customer surveys, and occasionally cheating.
I know some dealers who try to manipulate the system to get the awards, but they are only kidding themselves. It's repeat customers not awards that make a dealership successful. Good Luck, John
Found out that Ford doesn't step in.

Not going to have any further contact with
dealership. If the order is in fact valid
and the car does arrive see
what happens at that point in time.

The Ford Rep called mother this afternoon.
The young lady was very apologetic about
the situation but nothing Ford can do
about dealers behavior. They are well
aware of how dealers are acting across
the country. She said would be so happy
when the Thunderbird mess is over with.
Told mother they are having so many
problems with the car, it's unbelieveable.

Only thing will say for the dealership
I think the Customer Service lady
has done all she can too.

The leased car is going back early, that
way will not have to return for service. It's paid up till end, so can't pull anything
on that either. When called the insurance
agent to set up removal, commented smart move
another one of his clients is having
major problems with them on some repairs.

Rep did say Texas and Oklahoma had some of
the lowest allotment numbers on car. ???
From graphs looked like Texas was doing good.

T-birds are allocated based on car sales, and percent of luxury cars in market area. I know a dealer in Dallas that got over 50, but he sells a lot of cars. On your lease turn in, make sure your get and sign a copy of the condition report when you turn it in. because if you don't any damage on the car when it gets to the auction is going to be your problem. I am sure the car is nice, but make sure you have all the i's dotted and t' crossed. It sounds like the dealer sure isn't to concerned about you at this point. good luck, John
I was at the plant wednesday for a tour and from what I saw, heard and gathered from the information given. Ford is in fact producing 12 vehicles an hour on an 8 hour shift, running 5 days a week. They have now produced over 10,000 vehicles and maintaining their production average each day.

I was number 3 on the allocation list for my dealer and I actually was able to sit in my car on the plant lot... I even signed the back of the invoice as a wink to my dealer...

I dont know about the info you got but it seems off from what I got.
John -- Thanks for the Tip. Just made a
note. This is the first leased car, Mothers
been going over the papers. Sort of scary
when you read into it. May throw a camera in
the car and snap a few before we leave.

We didn't make it in today, she hate
driving in city traffic on a good clear
day, much less 40's and rain.

So will try to return first part of the
new week.

Wants to get this leased car cleared up
and off her mind. She's also wondering if
should just give up and get a DeVille. I'm
low on advice too, after replies from Ford
would a battle be worth it for the car.
Throw the white flag and retreat.
I have a question/observation about Erict's post where he gives us the daily output of Birds. By my calculations 12 an hour for 8 hours is 96 times 5 days equals 480 a week. Given that they have made 10,000 so far, it will take till the first week in Sept. to complete the 25,000 02' Birds. The way I see it they will have to ramp up production or not build the entire 25,000. Can anyone shed any light on this? This is a major concern to those of us who are way down on our dealer's order list.

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The schedule for the Wixom T-bird line is currently 114 a day except on Wednesday when it is 108. That works out to 564 a week or about 2442 a month minus any holidays. Ford will probably build the number they said they would (I've heard different numbers) and then start the 2003 model.
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