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Ford is still conducting their follow-up survey calls to owners after they have received (delivered 12/21/01) their T-Bird. Still asking for likes and dislikes. No complaints from this end except for one small spot of orange peel which is hard to see. Any body else get a call tonight?

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No call. Instead, I got a Ford Customer Viewpoint survey in the mail. It's one of those computer-personalized forms that inserts the buyer, dealer and model name where appropriate. I suppose I may have missed the phone call, but it's only been a few weeks since delivery. I wonder if this is a cost-cutting measure? Too bad, if so. I was looking forward to having a two-way exchange and a 20-question multiple choice survey doesn't cover it all.
Don't know but you may have missed the call. I've gotten those written questionaires on all my birds in the past even on my F-150 pickem up.

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Received the Ford call from one of our list
aquaintances G-THANG no problems to report
and she was great to talk to. Was real interested in brakes performance and handling. had a list of questions to ask.
I am very pleased with the car in all respects, thanks g-thang for the call.

I received a call from Ford. It came at about 4P.M. and ,luckily, I happened to be home. I told the rep that I loved the car except for those things we have all been complaining of on this board... the visor and lack of the customary bells and whistles on the interior. She told me that nearly all respondents stated they loved the car but most complained about the same things.
I believe that they call between 30 and 45 days after delivery, dependant on when the dealer gets the paperwork to Ford. They will try to reach you several times before they remove your name from the list. At one time they were going to make a second follow up call but I think that they are not doing that due to the work load that the people in ICCD have.

G-Thang was my contact also.

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