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Hi all,

I have been seeing a lot of new names on the board recently. For those of you who don't know it, I have been collecting data on all the new TBirds that I can and compiling a database from that. If you have any data you can supply me about your Bird or Bird to be, please see my post "VINs/Dates/Destinations II" or "Database Info for the New Birds - post here". Please read the first post in the thread, it lists the data that I would like to receive. If you do not have all of it, no problem, just let me know what you do know.

We have created a group website on Yahoo! at the following location:


This site contains the data that I have been collecting as well as some data plots of model breakdown and estimates of build/eta/delivery dates. In addition there is also a section for photos.

The data and plots are located at:

2002 TBird Data

The files with the .jpg extension are the data plots, the other files are in HTML format and will open directly in your browser. The .jpg files may also open directly depending on your configuration.

Your membership in the group is welcomed and there is a link on the home page for joining.



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Not open for further replies.