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I have been creating a database listing of the new TBirds so if you are new to the forum please see my post "Database Info for the New Birds - post here Update 1". I would appreciate any info you can supply me.

The database is located at:

2002 Thunderbird Database

I update this periodically as new data is added. The database is in the .htm files (currently 4 of them) and there are two .jpg files that contain a model breakdown (info.jpg) and build/eta/delivey date projections (Dates.jpg)

There is also a registry here on the forum where you can enter you vehicle info, it is seperate from the database so I would still like to receive your info. The registry is at:

Thunderbird Registry

On the top of the listing is a link to submit your data "Submit A Car to Registry". The last entry to the registry is the "Rotation Number", this can be found on one of the VIN stickers located on all the fenders, the hood and trunk lid and both doors. Most people have found it on the driver's side front fender in the engine compartment.



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Not open for further replies.