For sale 2002 Yellow Premium 23.7k miles $16,000

May 28, 2022
Thunderbird Year
  • I'm not 100% on the price, i don't want to over-price, nor under-price -- price is negotiable within reason.
  • 2002 was pre-ordered and delivered in 2003. One owner, my father whom passed away 2004. Title transferred to me thereafter.
  • 23,664.0 miles today.
  • Video Link:
    (more details than the photos attached).
  • Convertible w/ both hard and soft tops. includes stand and cover.
  • 3.9L/238 V8.
  • Traction Control.
  • 6-CD changer.
  • great paint with exception of few minor spots (see video).
  • no problems with engine nor drive train, runs great, sounds great.
  • no rust.
  • new tires 235/50 R17.
  • FEM went weird after battery was unplugged, but is fully functional since.
  • no rust.
  • cracked windshield.
  • windshield chrome bubbles.
  • very slow steering fluid leak
  • probably needs suspension bushings.

* power door mirrors do not move electronically.

will accept $16k
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