For How Much Are New 2002 Tbirds Now Selling?

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Could you state for how much new 2002 Tbirds are going in your area, e.g., how much below sticker, how much above invoice, etc.

Thank you!

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If you are wanting to buy one, use the price quote feature, and you will get a haggle free quote from dealer in your area.
Our local dealer has sold his at sticker. The finance manager was in my office this past Friday and said that they are going for $2-3,000 over invoice on the wholesale market in this area.
Triple Black at MSRP in Billerica MA
Just lask week I was quoted $2,000 under sticker in Pittsburgh, PA for a premium, both tops, full interior. I got the impression he could do better if I made him an offer.

One small Ford dealer in Point Marion, Pennsylvania had been buying them from other small dealers and selling them for a premium. He quoted me $3,000 over sticker in early September and was at sticker a couple of weeks ago. Went by there today, and he still had ten on the lot, which look like the same ones I saw in early September!

Local dealer in Morgantown, WV said make him an offer. He had a new one on the floor he just got in and a previously titled one he bought early this past spring at an auction (Canadian bird). He wanted 45K for it this spring/summner now wants 38K but said make him an offer - he needs to move it.

I have been following these on Ebay for past couple of months, it appears to me the prices are dropping since the demand has cooled off. I talked to couple of sellers on E-bay and have been quoted $1,000 to $2,000 under sticker.

A local non-Ford dealer (who works with wholesalers) said wait until this winter, they will be in the twenties at the auctions. He made a call and found a white premium at a small Ford dealer in WV that was willing to sell it at or near invoice.
Here in Phoenix, most dealers were taking orders and selling for MSRP. Some were at $5K over.... NOW, FOR 2002's IT'S INVOICE OR LESS!!!

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Saw a white/white and a bumble-bee Premium 2002 in Denver last weekend. They are still insisting on a "Denver Market Premium" of , get this, $10,000 over sticker. Got My 2003 locked in at sticker at my small town dealer in Western Kansas.
(his only alotment for the 2003 model year, no-less)
2003 white/white premium VIN 01143 Build scheduled wk of Dec2
I purchased my Black 02 with all the options for $2500 under MSRP at Tousley Ford in Minnesota October 30th. They had it marked at $1000 under and I threatened to order a 2003 instead. They gave me the 2500 off and I got the car I was waiting for! Inver Grove Ford in MN and other have had them priced around $45K.
Saturday paper Nov. 16, 2002 Dayton Ohio, Interstate Ford list tbirds starting at $32,898.57 A Plan Price, what ever that means.... also they list A, Z and D plan pricing. They had seven in stock a month ago, (5) black (1) yellow (1) red. I offered $500. under MSRP and they laughed at me at that time they were holding to $2500 over. I walked away and bought a red bird from another local dealer for $1000 under MSRP. I must say if does my heart good to see them still on the lot and now discounting them. My how times change. I love my car, best feeling I ever got with a new car. GOOD LUCK

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