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Dec 11, 2001
We just returned from a 1-week trip from Springfield IL, to Naples Florida to visit our son. We spotted several new T-Birds during the trip. Unfortunately all were on the move, so we just got a glimpse, but we did get one license plate. Here are the what, whens and wheres in case any members or lurkers recognize themselves. We were not driving ours, so no one will have noticed us. The first sighting was at 5:45 pm, 4/18, going south on I-65 just minutes south of Birmingham AL. A black with soft top up, license plate Alabama "D BIRD". We were close enough to give a thumbs up. Second sighting was a blue/blue going north on I-75 at 4:50 pm, 4/19, just south of St Petersburg, no details. Third sighting was at 1:30, 4/20, yellow/yellow going north on rte 41 in Bonita Springs FL. At 2:45 same day, same area a yellow/yellow turning from northbound 41 to westbound Bonita Beach Rd. Couldn't tell if it was the same one. Heck, we couldn't tell if any of the ones we saw had chrome wheels or not. Just can't look away from traffic that long. Next was a red/red going north on 41 in Naples, Fl at 11:10 am on 4/21. Next was the elusive white/white on Sanibel Island at 10:40, 4/22, going south on Periwinkle Way. Our last sighting was 20 miles east of Tallahassee going east, a yellow/yellow at 2:15 pm on I-10. Hello from a fellow T-Birder to anyone who may recognize themselves from the above descriptions.
P.S. a note to JODROD, dealer in Springfield IL just took delivery of a yellow/yellow premium, black interior serial 115454. He now has three; red, yellow, blue all at 44,000. Also, just met a couple in Springfield who picked up their blue/blue premium from the Ford dealership in Lincoln, IL on Thursday. As soon as I get more details, I'll post.

Yellow premium, full accent 4127


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