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The part number for the floor mats is 2W6Z 7613086 AAA KIT M
They are carpet on top and the rubber on the bottom, they are black ( darker than the original) and they have a blue tbird logo about 12” long, they are slightly larger than the original and they look great they list for $ 56.18, my dealer gave them to me but I think they are well worth the list price.

I have seen these and they look great. The logo faces you when you open the door and it's color is the T-bird Aqua. Talk with your dealer and ask if you can return them if you don't like them.
As it relates to the old Birds; I never knew of a floor mat for my 1956 that had a T-Bird logo on it.
I was wanting a stiffer floor mat with a T/bird on it, and was hopping an older bird mat would work. Do you know what a 56 bird with a knocking motor,hardtop only,bad electric windows and seat motor,cont.kit,312,auto,pearl white paint,with fair int. would sell for? This local bird asking price is $18,000
Judy, I bought the T-Bird floor mats with the T-Bird logo from the dealer. They look and fit better than what came with the car. The problem is they have already, in two months, wore through where my right shoe rubs on the mat. The are not the best quality and I will soon replace them with a better quality product.
The Ford TBird mats have the hole to keep the driver matt from slipping.

Regarding the wear issue... I haven't encountered this since I use the stock matt on top of the very nice dealer option matt. It fits great, i.e. since the factory matt is smaller, it allows the TBird emblem on the dealer matt to show thru.
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