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Apr 11, 2001
Preproduction cars were released last week for professional automotive reviews, and they're starting to appear in the press and online. Here are a few that I've found:

Autoweek - first review out; favorable comments, but little driving detail (online and at the newsstand) -

Edmunds - updated preview; mixed comments, liked styling, critical of performance (online) -

Motor Trend - cover story in July issue; full review, favorable and lots of detail (newsstand, online cover photo only) -

Car & Driver - road test review; generally favorable, minor performance criticism (newsstand only)

Kelly Blue Book - test review; current print issue (not read), online preview only -

San Jose Mercury News - feature article; positive review, new model news (in print and online) -

[one more] - full review; favorable for both styling and handling (online) -

Any more?

Just recieved the new iussue of Automobile in the mail today. Cover page artivle on the new "Bird". Generally very favorable.
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