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Well folks... the wait is finally over! My new baby arrived at the dealership this morning! I'll be flying up to Orlando on Thursday morning to go pick her up. A cousin offered to pick us up from the airport and drive us the couple of hours to the dealership. YES, she's insane! The true countdown has now begun!!


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TO2 Bird,Great news,pretty soon you will feel like a lot of us. YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE FEELING. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

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wonderful news. soon all the problems of the past year will be ancient history. here's to miles of smiles!

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Congratulations, T02 Bird and GoBird on your recent additions. I can only imagine your excitement and joy. Just cherish the moment and hopefully, in about six weeks I'll have my own little bundle of joy( should be getting my VIN in the next couple of weeks).

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T02 Bird,

Glad to hear the wait is over. When you get to Santa Fe Ford, say hi to Dennis Head for me, I hope your salesperson is as nice and helpful as Dennis was for me.

I was in the same boat that you are going to be in, a several hundred mile drive home. I did not use the cruise because you are not supposed to let the engine run at a steady rpm until after 500 miles. Keep your eye on the speedo, I looked down several times and saw 95 mph plus, it is real easy to do. Don't need a ticket on the first day.
Congrats T02!

You are yet another lucky one. Drive safely home. I just found out yesterday that mine should be on the production line next week. I hope to be there for the "birth". I should be amoung "the few" soon.

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