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Nov 29, 2001
The other day while bopping around town my wife and I noticed that the exhaust sound was quite a bit deeper or throater. I chalked this up to maybe the car finally being past it's break-in period. It's just over 2500 miles. Then yesterday we were out driving and the exhaust noise seemed to be a good bit less than the previous day. Upon thinking, it was very overcast and humidity was up in the high 90% range the first day. And yesterday started out partly cloudy, but by the end of the day it had gotten overcast and we drove through several rain showers. After this the exhaust noise seemed to return to it's deeper rumble. My question is to the experts out there. Can atmospheric conditions affect the tone of the exhaust?

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The qualified answer is no. Muffler sound doesn't really change unless something blew out. In a new car after break in it will get to it's "final tone" whatever that may be, but it can't get quieter again, your ears are playing tricks on you. Anyway a Tbird is a quiet car so you really shouldn't hear much of anything except the wonderful sound of the leather seats squeaking on the console

Could it have been that as I drove by a building or some other solid structure that I was getting some additional sound feadback? Kind of like the principle used in encasing speakers in a box to intensify the sound.
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