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I posted this elsewhere but thought I would make a topic to get a few opinions.

I have a Mustang Cobra that sounds really good with no mufflers at all on it.
A muffler shop in Houston made an xpipe configuration that hangs off the cats and goes straight to the back of the car.

Does anyone have an thoughts on whether or not this would cause any damage to the t-bird? Since the mufflers are right at the back of the car, seems to me it would be easy to make straight pipes a reality.


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freebird, I believe the cat back systems are 50 state legal, straight pipes are NOT! The sound I got from no muffler- straight pipe was no louder than my muffler sound, but it cackled.
The sounds I want are musical burbles and rumbles,not cackles.
I'm not an engineer, but I think the baffles in the cat back muffler systems are designed to harmonize a sound and also meet state laws.

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I had thought about putting a resonator/Bassani X-pipe/straight-pipe combo on my 93 when the new motor went in, but didn't do it.

I used unequal-length shorty headers connected to the stock exhaust, and found that at idle and cruising, the sound is throaty, with that basso profundo rumble that denotes a Thunderbird. When I open her up,she really starts to growl, but at no time is the exhaust note ever harsh enough to be illegal.

I'd have to agree with FD that using straight pipes is a good route to a ticket-and in these dys of emissions control laws, I'd rather keep my Bird on the road and my money in my pocket!

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