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Jodrod, I am working on getting the vin # of guess who's new car???????

Birdman93, Tony it's a celebrity, you might be interested in!!!!!!!!!

Let me know if anyone is interested...I am so excited to find this out. One time I have info Newbird does not. (I think)

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Come on yellowwing, spill it! You're liable to burst from the pressure if you hold it in too long!! At least give us a hint, OK?

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Ok, I've been so excited all day, since I found out.
This person made a deal (yes they were trying to making a $ deal)with a dealer In a small town in Pa. Called Hughesville. Near Williamsport, Pa. Small dealer, small town. And ****** said when the dealer asked why him, she said she had her contacts.....
She purchased a blue/blue/premium for $46,500 Check already sent out. And being transported by Horseless Carrage, to Central North US.


This was all in the local paper, so I feel it is public knowlege and wanted to share. Who knows Tony might be able to get her for the Tour.......
One other thing the Dealer told the Paper "Williamsport Sun Gazette" that the colors for '03 is going to be PINK and GRAY

Ok Ready ????

Wow, that IS exciting, Joy! I wonder why she chose a Pennsylvania town. You said she has contacts there?

And...PINK???? Do you think the dealer meant salmon/coral?

I just deleted yw1's email but I believe she said it was blue.


I would really be interested in getting the vin if you could, I have Katie Couric's already.

I believe Rosie O'Donnell has one also and someone is working on getting her vin although it has been some time since I have heard from him.
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