Everyone interested in a cockpit cover please let me know

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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
Hi all:

I'm trying to convince my good friend Keith Shelburn of Z3Solutions (http://www.z3solution.com/) to start up "TBird Solutions". I think he has a couple of excellent marketing opportunities:

1. Cockpit cover - I have the one he makes for the Z3, it really keeps the car cool on those hot summer days.

2. Boot cover - look at his new low cost design at I think this would address a lot of the concerns I've read here about the factory boot cover being too large.

Plus any other ideas like the fitted luggage.

You can email me and I'll forward the responses to Keith. We need a few to get his attention!

Plus in a day or 2 he'll have the perfect test vehicle - mine!

Tom M

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TomM, I would be interested if they come up with something that doesn't require any additional snaps mounted on the body to accomplish this.

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FYI Keith typically figures out a way to do the job with no additional cutting or drilling.

Once I pick up my car (tomorrow!) we will get together & advise everyone what we come up with.

But today... we move so I might not get back to everyone for a while.

Tom M
I had a tonneau cover on my '56 before I finally bought a soft top for it, and used it a lot. However, I would be more interested in a soft boot. I would like to be able to travel with the soft top up or down and it seems like the soft boot would help there in that it could easily put a way. For me, the tonneau cover would take up too much storage space.

I haven't had the hard top off yet, will the provided hard boot cover store in the soft top space when the top is up?
I'm interested in a cockpit cover and a more compact boot. I'll be curious to see if either can be designed that don't require additional snaps. BTW, notice in the owner's manual (not the color supplement) that the drawing shows more snaps for the boot than the production cars are supplied with.

It sure would be nice if the aftermarket boot was the same type of Haartz cloth as the factory one, but less stiff and easier to stow. I'll be surprised if Ford doesn't come up with a better boot (tonneau cover) for 2003.

I'm interested in the proposed soft boot
cover. Would like to see the cockpit cover
on a car before committing to that also.
I'm interested in the proposed soft boot
cover. Would also like to see the cockpit cover on a car before committing to that.
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