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Really seems many Tbird owners are also Escape owners or considering one.

Wifey LOVES our 2002 Escape she brags it up as much as I do the Tbird.
For $24K fully loaded with a moonroof and all. Great family transportation.

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It's kinda funny, when we were waiting for the Bird and I was checking VOPC regularily, she was on me about my "obsession". Now the tide has turned. The Escape will be her primary vehicle and she has asked me numerous times "Did you check the 800 # today?"

We are getting a bright red XLT, the only option we went for was the upgraded stereo, which I believe is the same as in the Bird.

I'm glad to hear your wife really likes it. We took one for a test drive and we were both impressed. We are trading in a '98 Honda CR-V which we both really liked but it was down on power, can't say that about the Escape.

I am also considering the Escape, but I want the Hybrid Electric 2003. 40 MPG - city and highway. Not much information available on it yet. I believe GA will give me a tax break on it as well as let it use the HOV lanes with only one person in the vehicle.

Bill Ford has been quoted as saying they are trying to keep the price reasonable for the HEV option. Perhaps I'd better get an order in now - make take a year to get it - like the Thunderbird.
We got our dark green Escape XLT April 25th, my wife loves it. We traded a 94 Mustang GT, she likes the Escape more then the Mustang. It now has 11,000 miles on it, no problems at all. I hope you have good luck with yours also. Now, I am still waiting for my T-Bird. We ordered them both at the same time, end of
January 2001. I am told my yellow Bird will be here the end of March, but I still don't have a Vin number.

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I looked at the Escape XLT. Worked with my dealer and was able to get a 2002 Explorer XLS Sport package for the same price as the Escape. It is a liitle more of a car/truck than the Escape. With the IRS I found it to be more comfortable. This will replace my 98 MustangGT. Just not practical to keep any more.
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