Engine Start Noise

I bought my wife a 2004 T-Bird with about 42,000 miles on it (which she loves maybe more than me!). It is a great looking and driving car and it does not get driven every day. If it sits for a couple of days, there is a valve noise from the engine that lasts for maybe a couple of seconds until the oil starts pumping. If it is started up right after being driven, there is no noise. If it sits for a couple of hours, the noise comes back.

When I first noticed this, I went to a Ford dealer who said that the oil filter could be the wrong type. I had the oil changed at the Ford dealer and replaced the filter with a Ford brand filter. It still "rattles". Other mechanics tell me that it is normal for this to happen because the oil drains to the lowest point in the engine and it takes a short time to get the oil circulating. They say it is nothing to worry about.

I would appreciate it if someone to help me understand if what I have been told makes sense and or share their experience or offer a solution.



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Doesn't make sence to me. Mine sits for weeks and I don't get any noise. And, I've had it since 2002. But, I don't have a clue as to what it may be, Sorry.
Engine Clatter

I have a 2003 with 38,000 miles. My car makes the same sounds after sitting in the garage overnight. My ford dealer had the same story. I guess I will eventually find out if it's really a problem.

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Jetbird (Jim):confused:
My 2004, now with 39K miles, suddenly started dong this a few weeks ago. I've had it five years, purchased with 18K miles, never made any noise when cold starting, even after sitting for weeks as it often does, then out of the blue one day - rattle! And quite loudly, lasted for a good 1-2 seconds. Runs all right, doesn't repeat when restarted later in the day, only cold start after sitting for many hours. Checked oil level and fine, no leaks, no evidence oil burning and level never needs topped off between starts. Every oil change since I bought it has been a local Ford dealers using OEM filter. Replaced all 8 spark plugs and COPS last fall and car has been running very well. Anyone ever figure out what this is? I like the car but am now tempted to trade for a new Mustang.