Drop-Glass side windows

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My passenger side window has lost it's memory 3 or 4 times now. I know how to re-program it, but, any ideas why it loses the memory? This doesn't seem to happen to the driver's window.

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I have lost the memory on the drivers door three times.
It seems to happen as I exit the car.
The car was parked on slight inclines and some mechanism within the door may cause this loss of drop-memory.
Just my guess. Will need to ask FoMoCo for their explanation.

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My passenger window lost programming the day I picked it up, but hasn't had any problem since.....don't know if it was a separation anxiety from the dealership that caused it!
Window memory? I have never heard of that. What is it? I know the car window drops a bit when you open/close it, but I don't know anything about that?

Can somebody explain it?

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