Driving T-BIRD in Minnesota Winter?

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Our TBird will arrive in early June (no VIN yet). We are considering trading in our 97 Sable on the TBird and driving the TBird year around (in Minnesota). This will keep us from having three cars, with only a two car garage. We plan to heat our garage and keep the TBird somewhat clean during the winter.

We need your opinions on this preliminary plan.

Peace on Earth,

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Asking your tbird to perform in the winter is like asking Randy Moss to put out for every play. Its a no brainer, put the car in the garage at the sign of the first snow flake and find a 4 wheel drive beater for the winter in Viking land. From your neighbor south of you in Des Moines.
Hey no Moss dissin' he is our man this year.

I think the car would perform well from a traction standpoint. But it has some very low areas that are a bugger to keep clean even in the Summer.

I do understand why not everyone wants to treat their bird as a garage queen. It IS only a car. Use it as you see fit.

BTW: When are we having a upper midwest rally?
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