Driving Security

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Regarding Theft, in the course of day to day driving, what, if any, precautions do you exercise? Such as places you don't go or park, how you poisition the Bird when parking, etc..

For example a local police chief advised me to always park so the Bird can't be easily towed.

Any thoughts?

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My bank branch is in the parking lot of the local mall. It's in view all of the time, so we can see who is getting close to it. I do have one area which is not heavily utilized (another benefit of small town life), so I can angle Amadeus to take up 2 spaces. During the Christmas shopping season, the parking lot gets pretty full, and I don't drive it during that period.
I usually park mine between those white painted lines. SOmetime, I park it at the end or beginning so I only have to contend with ONE line. An added benefit to that position is it makes it easier for me to find when I am ready to leave. Just joking of course ... I couldn't resist!
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