Driving Her Topless in the Rain

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Dec 6, 2001
On my trip back from Seattle, I decided to challenge the light rain by driving with my tonneau snapped on.

Although my California plates stood out as much as my bird in Seattle, I was happy to see that not one drop of rain made it into the cockpit while driving the highway. This is good news for all you back east where summer rains hits without much notice.

HOWEVER, the problem that caused me to pull over and get wet while unsnapping the tonneau was the drip that ran over the top of the side windows.

I don't see a solution because the very same thing that makes it possible to drive in the rain also makes the water come over the windows -- the aerodynamics.

Any of you have a solution?

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I haven't found one, I had the same problem with my Mustang converts. The only solution I have found is to carry a rag and catch the drips but this only works when it is a light misting kind of rain. A heavy dew in the morning will cause the same thing to happen and I don't know if you noticed but the drip lands right on the window buttons.
Speaking of the drips onto the window buttons, will this do any harm? Since I smoke, I sometimes have the window cracked while it's raining (I know, I know, driving the bird in the rain is bad enough, then I go and smoke in it too)and water pretty much pours in onto/into the buttons. I keep a supply of napkins to cover them but I'm sure some water is getting in there.
Not sure what they're looking at when I take her out topless in the rain. She stays dry with the windows up and driving along the highway. Are those thumbs up for her or the car??????
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