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This is a true story. The first time I tried the radio was when I was driving off the dealer lot, I just hit the power switch, didn't tune it or anything, and caught the opening bar of Born to be Wild. I consider it a good omen.
I have been visualizing that wonderful moment for months.

Over a year ago, I bought the Beach Boys CD with "FUN, FUN, FUN". For me, there is no other choice.

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Joelja Just got back from seeing the Beach Boys tonight at the Civic Center in Des Moines and they did their last song to a rocking crowd Fun Fun Fun.THEY WERE FANTASTIC!! Looking forward to having Fun Fun Fun with you all on the Route 66 trip.
I'm in the process of making my own T-Bird Cruising CD. In addition to the obvious "Fun Fun Fun" by the Beach Boys, I will also include "Bop" by Dan Seals and the Paul Mauriat instrumental "Love is Blue" as a salute to my blue bird. "Born to be wild" is also a great one. What other ideas to you Bird lovers have for my T-Bird Cruising CD?
Ok here goes,
1. Silver Thunderbird, Marc Cohn
2. Fun,Fun,Fun Beach Boys
3. Makin Thunderbirds Bob Seager
4. Old Man Dub Brazzaville ( This is the song used in the T-Bird TV AD
5.Jaguar and Thunderbird Chuck Berry
6.Pink Thunderbird Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps
7. Black and White Thunderbird The Delicates
8. Blond in the blue T-Bird SteiveNicks & Walter Egan
9. Route 66 10. Little Fourty Ford Leon Smith
11.Ford V-8 Honey Boy Allan
12.No Particular Place to Go Chuck Berry
13.I Gotta New Car Big Boy band
14.Laughing Song Beach Boys
15.77 Sunset Strip TV Theme Song
16.Thunderbirds Theme The Shadows
17. 41 Ford TheGrand Prix
18.Stick Shift The Duals
19. Hot Rod Race Ramblin Jimmie Dolan
20. Deadmans Curve Beach Boys ( This has a Vette in it but I like the song)
21. Surfin Bird The Trashman
22. Black Bird The Beatles

This is all I could find at the time, some are just filler songs but old 50's type crusin music.

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Gobird, you did a great job of picking out those songs! I have a lot of them on my own drive-away CD from last year, including "Deadman's Curve," kind of a revolutionary song that has always been one of my favorites.

For anyone looking for that song, though, I wanted to point out that it's done by Jan and Dean, not by the Beach Boys. Brian Wilson had a hand in writing it, and Jan and Dean always SOUNDED like the Beach Boys, but the song was actually the eerie 1964 precursor to Jan Berry's terrible auto accident in '66.
pbocciardi, Yes you are right, I guess I screwed up on that one.

02 T-Bird 9293
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond
Originally posted by Zoot Horn Rollo:
What music do I play driving away from the dealership?

My car is due any day. I burned a CD for the first ride. Songs in order: Walk Don't Run, Ventures; Hawaii 5-O Theme, Ventures; Ride the Wild Surf and Dead Man's Curve, Jan and Dean, Fun, Fun, Fun, Spirit of America, Warmth of the Sun, Don't Worry Baby,California Girls and Help Me Rhonda. If everybody had a T Bird across the USA, then everybody'd be drivin' like Cal - i- for - ni - a
Snobd, excellent choices. You're never wrong cruising to good old summer music like the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Also, good would be "All summer long" by the Beach Boys, "Summmer means fun" by Bruce & Terry and "I live for the sun" by the Sunrays.
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