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Fellow T-Bird owners has anyone encountered this situation. The drivers door of my blue bird doesn't close right when the window is up. It closes if you put twice the force you use in closing the passsenger door. When the window is down it closes correctly. Took it back to the dealer and after we checked it out it appears that with the window up it hits the frame/moulding before it hits the door catch. The only options they came up with were 1) adjust the door which helped some 2) take off the front left fendor and adjust it differently so the door could have additional adjustments. Problem with #2 is that to take off the fender you would damage the paint since the car was painted after the bolts were installed.
Does antbody have any suggestions or ideas. I hate to have them start dismantling my new Bird but don't know if I want to live with this situation for the next 25 tears either..

Love my Bird.....

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HB 02 Tbird, don't seem to have that problem with my blue bird. It does sound like something is not alined right. Don't know what to tell you. I wouldn't want them pulling a fender off mine eather.

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It sounds exactly like mine when it lost the memory setting. Odd the dealer didn't catch it though. It may be another example of the best defense is for us to know our cars better that the dealers seem to.
Thank's for the suggestion, the windows were functioning like I thought they should but tried the reset anyway. Didn't resolve the situation. Think it is a bigger problem than that Bummer... HB 02 TIBIRD
Hard to believe that something like that slipped past QC. I agree that the symptem sounds like the window isn't dropping and needs re-programming. I know you have looked, but make sure the windo is dropping 1/4 to 1/2 inch when you open the door and going back up AFTER it is closed. If it is in the full up position, the door won't close properly. One thing to remember, if you mess with the windows with the door open, in all likleyhood, the window will not be in the proper lowered position when you go to close the door. The drop windows are a good idea for sealing purposes, but they are a pain in the neck sometimes.
HB, my drivers door also seemed to take twice the effort to close. The dealer did adjust the door, though he did not want to be too agressive. I think it is closing better now after a few months under her belt.
i've had 2 or 3 occasions where my passenger door didn't close properly at first. didn't quite notice if it was related to the window dropping or not since i wasn't paying attention until after i noticed it hadn't closed properly.
I had a problem like that one week ago, but mine was the window had lost it's progarm. Drivers window only. I guess each window can be programed or lose it's program.

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My drivers door lost it program when I went through a touchless car wash. Noticed this when I got home and and had trouble opening the door. It reprogrammed OK though, water must have got into the motor.

Also, the soft top leaked on both sides at the window top rear edge, not that concerned since the water blaster pressure was very intense.
My problem was after a auto spray car wash also. We might want to pass that back to the Ford dealer. I will contact mine to see if he will pass back or maybe one of the Wixom workers can pass that along. Both had drivers door window lose program after high pressure water wash!!!!

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