Door Edge Guards

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what factory door edge guards?

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
Not to pick on you but I never understood dooredge guards. But my thought would be for everyone else to get them. I know I can open my doors without hitting anything. I don't think they look good on any car and on the Bird I think it would break up the smooth lines
I feel the same way 57 bluebird does. They would look out of place on the Bird.

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I have factory type door edge guards on many of my collector cars.
I am some times as clumsy as the guy next to me in the super parking lot.

I don't think they detract from a vehicle and
have thought about putting them on my NMBird.

After all I have been in the protection business for 31 years.

Even if you don't like them purchase them and hang on as 30 years from now NOS door guards will be an investment.
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