Don't do anything dumb in your bird!!!!!

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Aug 5, 2002
kind of a fun story. i got our new blackbird about a week ago. i'm involved in a lot of community activities, including with our local police. i returned a phone call to the police dept. today, told the captain whom i have met maybe twice my name, and the first thing he said is "nice tbird by the way!" the entire force knows i have the tbird simply by doing the usual drive bys and seeing it parked in my drive. i don't dare do anything illegal! if anyone is involved with any secret espionage or undercover clandestine activities, you probably bought the wrong car. i'm also reluctant to drive it to many more rotary meetings as i did this a.m., because i didn't get out of the parking lot for an additional 30 minutes while the vehicle was being checked out.

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glh7767, I have the same problem with my local police department! I have the only Blue Bird in the area, and now it has gotten to the point where they stop me if they are on a detail (construction, directing traffic, etc.) just to check out the car!! It's kind of neat though, let's me know they're watching out for it.

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thanks cbird, but i can usually cause enough trouble myself. actually, the guys on our force are good guys, and the chief and the captain and several of the officers are neighbors and/or golfing buddies. it was just amazing to me that news of the car had traveled so fast when i hadn't seen any of those guys since we took delivery. i gave them a hard time about their crown vics not being able to keep up with the bird. they said something about try to outrun a radio. not sure what that means :)
Told this before, but in Nashville a police car followed me until I stopped at the post office. Officer just wanted to talk Tbird. Interesting talk. The guy knows a number of the NASCAR personalities who live around here.
It didn't take long after getting my Redbird to figure out I needed to behave. People I knew would call me and tell me they saw me so-and-so place at such-and-such time. I have even had a stranger at a gas station tell me where he had been seeing me around town.

So, no more lunches at the Cafe Risque and no more flipping people off. :)

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