Does it work as non-romantic transportation?

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My red premium is being built next week.

I'm going to trade in my current vehicle and use the Bird as a daily driver. I would love to hear from others who use their Birds this way.

Enough briefcase room behind the seat?
Does your laptop fly off the seat when you brake?
Any blindspots with the hardtop in downtown traffic?
And most importantly...are the cupholders big enough for a Seattle-size latte?

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All I can say is, I love my Bird and drive it every day. I have a nice aluminum coffee mug that matches the aluminum trim and fits perfectly in the cup holders. There's plenty of room behind the seats for the briefcase, but I keep the laptop in the trunk. As for blind spots, yes there are some. The portholes help, but they don't eliminate them. I keep the mirrors angled very wide so they take care of the blindspots as much as possible. More to the point, it's the other drivers trying to get a closer look that are the problem. Defensive driving is the operative word here.

#1429 Black Premium with Full Red Interior.
I have the same experience driving in Los Angeles. Defensive driving and parking are the keys to enjoying your bird.

Sometimes I put my laptop in my trunk, sometimes I leave it on the seat. I am told the passenger seat is pretty stable and objects don't mind the unknown G forces like my passengers do!

Have fun be on alert.

I use mine three days a week and can only say, Watch out for other drivers and parking lots! Other people become fixated on our Birds and loose their driving abilities. I really don't like to put other down but Gals and Guys, Watch Out! It is still alot of fun to have this car and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I adopted mine on August 24 and have 2100 miles on it.
Mine is a daily driver (delivered 9/28) until paid for, then it becomes a weekend cruiser. Currently have 4100 miles on it, and it is a joy to drive everyday, about 18 miles round trip to work, but heed the warnings listed above, every word is true.

There is a major blind spot because of the very large C pillar (in both hard and softtop mode). Where I have the seat positioned does not even allow the portholes to help.
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