Do you really have to sign a waiver ?

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I do not own a newbird, but I have heard the rumor that newbird owners have to sign a waiver that they will not sell their car in the first year of ownership. Is this really true or just one of those rumors out there ?

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Spiderman, I think some of the people here were ask to sign one but my dealer didn't say anything about that to me.

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My dealer had an allocation of 2 vehicles, unbeknownst to my dealer the person who got #1 of 2 was a broker who showed up with a tilt bed trailer and title paperwork. At this time the dealer refused to sell the vehicle to him unless he signed the no-sale within 6 months agreement. He said this protected him so that he wouldn't lose the remainder of his allocation from Ford. As they knew I had no intention to ever sell my Bird I wasn't required to sign an agreement. I hope this clears up some of the misinformation and rumors.

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The reason that the Ford Regional Managers asked the dealers to have the customers sign the stsatement that they would not resell the vehicle for 6 months was to prevent brokering and the "Stuff" you see on e-bay. A dealership that knowingly sells to a broker can lose their allocation for the balance of the model year. (Some already have). A customer that violates the agreement puts their dealer in jeopardy.

All vehicles must be sold to retail customers and registered, or to other Ford dealers (same restrictions apply).
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