Do You Pause Prior to Opening the Car Door?

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I was curious if there is anyone else out there that pauses, like I do, just before opening the Thunderbird doors, to give the glass a second to drop down and clear the opening? I have watched a lot of others (during our road rally last weekend) and it seems that most people just open the door as quick as possible, letting the glass rub against the rubber weatherstripping. I'm worried that over time, it will start to wear out sections of the rubber weatherstripping and possibly cause harm to the inner parts of the window and track. Should I be worried about this? Does anyone else pause when opening their door like I do? It's become a habit for me, so I don't even think about it anymore.


I'm with you on this point! I almost ALWAYS pause before swinging the door open unless I have the top down of course. I think you're right about damaging the weatherstripping, so I think it's just a small inconvenience in the long run.

I guess my "style" of opening the door takes care of the situation. I unintentionally pause prior to opening the door, so it takes care of itself. Good point to ponder, though.
That was the first thing my salesperson told me about in my pre-delivery inspection - always wait for the window to come down after you lift up on the door handle.
Yes, I do wait, but NO
my wife doesn't and she drives the car everyday!!!

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I pause before opening the door.

That's because I walk around the car for a couple of minutes admiring its beauty and its unique style. I've only had it for a every time I go into the garage, I pinch myself and stare at the car. I'm
sure ya'll understand. It is a TBird thing.

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How much is weatherstripping?
I also pause, when opening the doors. I am not as concerned about the wear on the weather stripping as I am in the flex on the glass and window track and alignment. I even have my wife and son pause when opening the doors.

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My passenger door was alot slower to drop the window than my driver door. I reset the computer and it didn't change anything. I mentioned it to the service manager and he said a bulletin had come through with a similar problem and ordered a new module. Now both doors are almost instantaneous. You may want to check your dealer on this.
jawill2000, I pause for a second because I know that, when I first got the car, I noticed that by quickly opening the door, like I was doing, the glass did not clear the weatherstripping in a fast enough manner. I guess that I'm a little too fast for the window mechanism!
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