Distribution of TBirds

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If the Thunderbirds are distributed proportionately according to a states population, then the distribution would be as listed in the file below.

TBird Distribution

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According to my dealer, each dealer gets at least one and the balance is allocated to them based on their vehicle sales and luxury vehicle registrations in their market.

Yet to be discussed is what happens to the allocation when a dealership goes out of business (Beaudry in Atlanta) or a dealer is caught selling to a "Broker" and their allocation is pulled back.

Also, now that 15% of production must be without hard top, a dealer might order all without tops and get their units very fast.
Recalculated considering Canada.

Also, I don't know for sure what the distribution is. Assuming that it would pretty much follow a state's population this is what the distribuiton would look like.
On the old forum someone explained that the dealer allocation would be based upon how may T-Birds each dealership sold the last year they were available for sale.

Their dealer ratio of sales to the total amount sold by Ford that year would apply to the 25,000 new T-Birds being offered
This is just a rough idea of how many Birds will be going to each state based on that state's population.

It would be safe to assume that CA is going to get a much greater number of cars than WY or UT no matter how well their dealers did.
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