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Some have already noted that there are some minor changes taking place on these Thunderbirds during manufacture. First to come to mind has been small changes that affect the fit of the bootcover.

I would like to keep track of these differences and will need the help of those of you that get together and compare notes about your cars. Photos are the best evidence so if you can, please take photos showing the differences. Vin#'s help establish when the changes started showing up so keep track of that too.

With reports that Ford has added a new part in the trunk upon delivery - for protection of the deck from rubbing of the hardtop, I would also like you to be taking photos of the trunk when you pick up your cars -- and also of that new part.

It's also wise to be taking photos NOW of your engine compartments. I try to save photos I find off of the internet - especially of cars that are up for auction. Though we can't see much because of all the trappings to make the compartment "look good", if you are in there making repairs, do some before & after pictures with the covers off. If you can take some of those photos before your car heads in for any service, that'd really help, too.

We already know that many of you are making changes yourselves to your cars so please take before and after pictures of your cars & date the pictures. I don't need those pictures but you just may want them in the future especially if you're planning to keep your car for many years. Changes that you may make now, may look so natural 5, 10 or 20 years from now, that you may forget that the car was ever any different.

Dot, blu/wht/full blu #18/26 - VIN# countdown: 18-17-16 = the New T-bird

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