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Does anyone know a vendor for the Diecast Keychains that Dot shows on her sight? I've seen them a time or two on eBay but would like to find a decent price on several of them for gifts (red of course). I've looked in a variety of different stores but have not seen them. They'll probably show up everywhere about the time I pay to have some shipped to me, when I find them.

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they have only been found on ebay to my knowledge and the only vendor is the one you find on ebay starting at the $3.00 price. He has been selling them there since early last spring. I think he had an auction going for them this week so it pays to check that out.

The company that makes them also makes a 1955 Thunderbird keychain, with or without a flashlight setup. Those typically have started at $3.00 on ebay and lately I've seen them start at $10.00. It's been mostly from Canadian sellers but I got mine from a Michigan seller.

Maybe we'll see more of these on the market this next year since the car made the MT Car of the year award.
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