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Pretty quiet from this neck of the woods! Started a new poll on our DFW message group to get a feel of the interest in this area but I know there's more of you out there that haven't joined the message group.

Poll asks for how often you want to gather, what type of gatherings you want, & when you want them.

I'm not into planning events as our own weekends are already pretty full so need some suggestions & someone to come up with a plan. Spring & fall are ideal times for tours. Dinner meetings are good anytime, so are breakfast or brunch. Show & Shines & cruise-ins go on all thru the spring, summer & fall in this area so those are ready made gathering spots - just need dates for them and an interest in going as a group.

Now - for a classic gathering -

ChryslerTCnut & I meet every Wednesday evening for dinner with a small group of our classic t-bird friends and we're planning to meet at a Sonic (location not picked yet) on Wednesday the 24th and we're inviting you to come. Some of us will be driving our little 'birds unless the weather threatens so it would be fun to have a gathering of the old and new.

Sonic location will most likely be west or northwest of the DFW airport. Will let you know by next Thursday.

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As promised - the Sonic location:

Grapevine, TX - southWEST corner of Main Street and Northwest Hwy - across the street for Elliots Hardware.

Time: 6:30pm Day: Wed. April 24

If you're coming, give me a hollar!
oops - better correct my directions right now! thanks George.

Dot, blu/wht/full blu #18/26 - VIN# countdown: 18-17-16 = the New T-bird

Dot got the city right but missed the corner!!!! The SONIC is to the southwest of Elliots Hardware at Main St and Northwest Highway in Grapevine. It is directly across from the 7-11 store. Should be lots of parking and I'll try to get a string of spots all in a row. (if I get there early enough) I'm usually the one that gets confused on where North, South, East and West are.
George (chryslertcnut)

The Sonic is expecting us and said we just might get some special treatment.
Tonight is still on - am watching the weather closely:
update at 5:00: channel 5 said showers will most likely develop south of the metroplex near Waco so looks like we'll be fine. we'll be heading out before 6. - 20 minute drive for us.

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