DFW - Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area T-birds

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I've had some interest in getting those of us in Dallas/Fort Worth & surrounding area, together. Therefore I've set up an email group on yahoo for those in the area:
DFW new Thunderbird
Anybody in our local vicinity that has or is getting a new Thunderbird is welcome to join.

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/25 the New T-bird

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A couple of us (for sure) will be attending an informal show and shine with the Prowlers and Vipers of the DFW area this Saturday at Pappa's BBQ, 7:00 on NW Hwy between Loop 12 & I35E. This is a monthly (2nd Saturday) gathering for those 2 makes and all cars are welcome.
Let's see if we can get some new 'birds from the area there.
Alas, ours won't be - we're still waiting on it but we'll try to have another porthole model there.
I will be there no bird in hand still waiting

but i will be in the Kat



Wow! That's all I can say. We arrived at Pappa's at around 6:30 this evening (Saturday) and the lot was full of Vipers (about 20) and a few Prowler's but no one we knew. A few minutes later, Bill & Susie drove in, in their Red 02 - the only T-bird we were expecting to see this evening. As we were talking to them, in drives a Neiman Marcus edition - the Casey's. So we helped them park and chatted with them for a bit. As we were doing so, a black one comes in with soft top up. Now who could that be?? Leon had said he was busy with Basketball season and wouldn't be able to make it but guesss what? he did! So we gather around his car and admire his 18" custom aftermarket wheels. As we're chatting, in drives a White T-bird. More puzzlement. Though DavidN has ordered one, he's not expecting it til next summer, but guess who's driving? David... Don Davis Ford had called him this morning and said a customer had backed out of their deal and the car could be his at MSRP. As it was exactly what DavidN was looking for, he signed the papers and showed up, not in his Prowler but the new 'bird.

"Can Eh", thanks for taking care of David!

Jodrod, you already have most of the data on 08412

Some photos have been loaded on the newtbirddata site

For those in the Dallas / Ft. Worth and surrounding area, checkout our gathering spot link in the top message.
Thanks to Bruce(can ed)at Don Davis Ford for my new Bird ...
Also to DOT and everyone else who came out last night it was fun.. here is a few pictures






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