Detroit Red Wings Stanely Cup Victory Parade

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Apr 23, 2002
I live in the Detroit area and have been watching the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup victory parade this morning. Many of the players and families were riding in new red and white T-Birds (at least 5 that I counted). Many had corporate logos on them, Krogers, various Ford dealers etc. None had plates on them, but they could have been removed to protect identity of owners, or perhaps they were all new and untitled.(Beware if you live in the area and your "new" bird has a few unidentified miles on it.) But it was fun to see the car I love so much being admired by over a million people along the parade route!

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I was also watching the parade, and wondered if there would be a problem with those cars later because the players seemed to be sitting on the boot. I know they are missing a few teeth but, they still weigh to much to be sitting up there. It was great to see so many beautiful birds in the crowd.
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