Destin Rally

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Wife and I are going to Destin
but the car is only a 2 seater.

Ed and his wife from League City
but they have the same seating

lol 3x

If you are going maybe we could caravan?

That would be great. I too am sorry that i cannot bring the children with me (since they are grown up, in age anyway) So it will just me me and my husband Jerry. We live in Atasocsita and are leaving early Thursday morning. We have to come back sunday. If any of these times fit with you guys would love to caravan. Spring and League City or close. Great...must get together. cindy
Hope we can caravan from Houston. On another site, a member stated his/her concern regarding hurricaines and the gulf coast. I feel we are going in a great time to enojoy Florida when it is not so dadgum hot. And Dr. Neil Frank, our weater man in Houston is a former head of the National Hurricaine Center in Miami. We used to live there, and he is so accurate with his forcast. I do not think we have anything to worry about expect "are we there yet!" YEA 2 weeks.
To: cmilesm and any other I10 Destine bound

Great idea to car pool and would like to get together on the timing, Our e-mail is We are trying to leave Thursday afternoon. Maybe stopping in Lake Charles or somewhere else along the way.

Hi everyone

We are getting together for dinner at the Back Porch Friday night at 6:30 p.m. in Destin. Gestes, hope you received your email I sent! Yea just a few more days! cindy
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