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You should get the order number from your dealer AND the dealer number. Once you have that, you can call the Ford 800 number and get an updated status on your car. the number is 800-962-3746. Follow the voice instructions and you can't go wrong. also Jodrod has been tracking the builds and deliveries. You might gain some insight by going to: http://groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/files/
Try this for now and then re-post and we'll try to help you further. Oh, and welcome to the message board!

#1429 Black Premium with Full Red Interior.
it goes a little deeper than that. Even if ordered in January, You may still not have a vin# if you are not #1,2, or 3, or maybe 4 in line on your dealer's list. If you have contacted your dealer and he says he has no vin# for you then believe him, you have no vin#.
Try to find out your placement # in your dealer's allotment then we can give you a better idea as to when to expect to get a vin#
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