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Originally posted by NM t-man:
Anyone gotten their t-bird in yet? Still waiting on mine.
Hi NM-tman,
I took delivery of my T-Bird three weeks ago. I have to say everything you have heard or read about the car falls short of how great the car realy is. I love the car and it is much more than I expected. I had a Jaguar XK-8 and the Bird is faster more comfortable and more fun. The seats are better and more comfortable. The car gets unbelieveable looks and people are always coming up to me. The three year wait was well worth it. Ford realy did their home work. Good luck with yours, you will enjoy it.
Ours was delivered on 9/28. It is absolutely great. It runs great, handles great, and attracts so much attention it is scary. It has still been warm enough that we have been running it with the top off/down. We have the only one in the area, so far. People come up to us on parking lots to ask about it, and hold "rolling" conversations with us while we are driving (low speeds of course). My brother and a very good friend have been very impressed with it, and they are Corvette guys. They are bringing $45-50K at dealer auctions. A local dealer offered a friend of my brother over $100K for a Niemann -Marcus edition. My wife says that she might consider parting with ours for $100K.
I pick up a new T-Bird on 10-13-01. I did not order one I just stop by the dealer he had one that was not spoken for, so I snap it up. It turns heads every where my wife or myself go. I LOVE IT !!!
VIN #101626 Built 7/01. Color Red,Top Red, Interior Full Color Accent

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