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I am new to the website. Would like info on delivery. I ordered our car Jan. 01 and have received paperwork from Ford with just a few letter/number VIN, which I realize is not the full number. We are 14 out of 16 at our delearship and the priority number is #29. We have been told delivery should be June of this year but hear different predictions. Will we receive notice when they begin production of our car with the real vin#? Also, has anyone ordered a second top. We were told Ford would not do that. Ours is blue/blue premium but would love an alternative top in the white. We have been waiting so long. Thanks to anyone with info. concerning delivery

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Being 14 of 16 makes a June/July delivery sound about right. You will have to have the dealer give you your vin when it is assigned, that will be shortly before production. I doubt that the numbers you refer to are any part of the vin.

I am not aware of anyone that has ordered a second top but there are a few that ordered the blue car with a white top.

Check your email, I sent you something.

You have apartial Vin no. Mine is HP60A Z. It is shown on my "dealer order receipt acknowledgement" My dealer told me that when Ford schedules the car they will complete that Vin number with the serial number. As it relates to delivery, I believe that JodRod is correct, mid year
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Every 2002 T-bird not yet produced will be assigned a VIN with the following format. Characters in bold are common to all VINs.

2002 sample: 1FAHP60A12Y109999
1 = USA
FA = Thunderbird production line
H = Passenger restraint
P = Passsenger car
60 (64) = Model #
A = Engine
9th digit = VIN check digit (varies)
2 = Model year
Y = Wixom
Last 6 = Consecutive Unit # More Code breakdown:
H = ??side & front air bags + seat belts??
60 = normal production Thunderbird
64 = Neiman Marcus edition
A = 3.9LV8

[from Dot's VIN# decoder]
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