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I have a "triple black" on order from a dealer who has told me that the estimated arrival date is May 6th. The only numbers that they are able to give me at this time are:
Vehicle number---HP60A 2
Order number---0046
Does anyone know if May 6th is even a possibility?

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Thanks for the info. The friendly computer voice at Ford said that the vehicle has been produced and is scheduled to arrive May 6th. Lets hope it happens!!
I haven't checked a vehicle using the order #, does it give you a vin?

I just checked the database and delivery is running on the average 4 days ahead of the listed eta date.

Your vin should be in the range of 116500 and 117100.

Is the order number four numbers or can it have a letter? I am told my order number is J008
I've been a lurker since the early days over at BON and have found it fascinating to read what you all have experienced in regards to the new Tbird. I have been a member at LLSOC for a while now and since you all seemed to have the inside track regarding order status, I thought I'd ask the question here.

I have a 2001 LS and am getting a 2002 LS as a replacement (long sad story inserted here) and wanted to see if anyone could shed light on when it will be built. The vin is 1LNHM87A22y686479. I have called the 800 number and last week said I was locked one day and the next it said it estimated to be built week of 22 April. I didn't know if anyone at the plant that reads here could tell me if my car would actually go down the line this week. It's a ivory parchment tri-coat.

Thanks for any help and I encourage you all to come over to and share with your fellow DEW98 platform brothers and sisters.

Take care,
To answer the previous questions posted--
The car is a "triple black" premium with black accent package, I hope. I have not actually seen the car yet. I've been working in New York since January and will be returning to Southern California this Sunday. I live in La Canada (near Pasadena) and am buying the car from Sunland Ford in Victorville, CA.

Thanks to all for your help, especially "clebus."
matt1972 - Looks like your LS was built yesterday, just like the computer predicted!

sauernote - Yours is going by rail so you'll be home before the bird lands.

WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! Thanks for the info!! I can't wait to get it. Now the wait will be immposible! Can you work your magic again and let me know when it will ship?

Again many thanks!

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