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My friend's dealer says her car should be here "any day now". He also says he does not have a VIN number and that he has no way to check on the actual delivery date. She has an order number and a dealer number. She ordered the car (sticker), and gave him a deposit in March 2001. I know about the 800 # to use if you have the VIN. I don't know a way to get an accurate delivery date except through the dealer. Does anyone??

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If the dealer is being truthful in saying that the car should be there any day now, that dealer should already have an Invoice for the car, which would have the VIN # on it.
You need the order number (which you have) with the body code (P60) and dealer code. The dealer code looks like ##L###, where # is a number and L is a letter (which you also have). When asked, just speak the numbers in the dealer code, omit the letter. The computer is updated on Thursdays.

Sounds like the dealer is giving your friend the run around.

When you have all the info please see my thread "Database Info for the New Birds - post here Update 1", thanks.


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