Dealers are still selling @MSRP

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This past Saturday the weather was cold and I decided to see if I could get a TBird that a dealer had is stock. I checked my local area and found that the ones that had one on the lot were still asking for the moon (around $10k over MSRP). I then expanded my search to neighboring states going down to Florida, up to Maryland and over to Tennessee. A few of the dealers sent me quotes via email while others called me. The ones that I actually spoke to were willing to deal somewhat. I told them all that I had one on order and didn't expect it until June or July and that I was wanting to see if I could get one earlier at the same price which was MSRP. The second best price I had was $2,000 over and the best was @ MSRP. Both of them had the car setting on the lot ready to be delivered!

You can call me stupid if you want to, but I actually had put a down payment on the one at MSRP and backed out of the deal. (I have my reasons!) It wasn't because of the dealership, financing or the like but there was two compeling reasons. Foremost was that there was a front license plate holder already installed and in NC we only need the one plate and the other reason was that my garage wasn't ready to accomodate a second car quite yet.

I guess that my point is that those of you that haven't purchased or ordered a TBird yet, with some leg work you might be able to find one @ or very near MSRP.

Happy Hunting!
I met a guy this past weekend, who went to Conn.(I dont know the dealer) with his brother-in-law and they each bought a bird for $1000 over MSRP. Funny thing is, he also went to the dealer where I bought mine and even buying 2 cars the dealer would not budge under $6000 over MSRP on each. Mine was $3000 over. GO figure ?

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