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I am picking up my Whisper Bird this weekend. Like many of you, because of distance, my servicing dealer will be different from the dealer I purchased from. Is there a rating system & report for Ford Dealers that is available to consumers?

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Ask if the dealership is Blue Oval Certified. If so, then you have one that meets Ford highest standards and takes good care of their customers.

Ask to meet the Service Manager and explain that you bought the vehicle elsewhere, but you would like them to be your servicing dealer. Let them know that you will be giving them perfect scores on the satisfaction surveys as long as they meet your expectations and correct any problems.
(They live and die by the surveys).

Let them do your maintenance work. Ask them to use Motorcraft 5w20 oil for your oil changes. Ask them to run an Oasis report each time you come in to see if the factory has any issues that should be checked out with your vehicle.

Let them know that you will likely purchase vehicles from them in the future and this is a long term relationship. If there are borderline issues, they will likely bend in your favor or ask Ford for help for you.

At 5 yars out, or over 50,000 miles, it can pay out big for you. If you have a major issue that is not covered by the warranty, they will want to help you because you have been a loyal customer (and always gave them perfect scores). Something they probably wouldn't do for a one-time drop-in customer because they might have to eat 20% of the bill.

Most TBird owners I have spoken to are
getting their TBird's worked on at a Lincoln Dealership. 60+% of the parts inculding all the drivetrain is Lincoln LS. Most dealers have several years experience with the LS plus parts in stock to service them.
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DO NOT BE FOOLED by the Blue Oval Certified ad campaign. 90% + of all Ford dealers are Blue Oval Certified. Check for a dealer that has won the President's Award only 600 of all of the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Dealers in the U.S. and Canada have this distinction. There is a list of the 2001 winners posted on
I agree with carguy-I got burnt by a so-called dealer that has his "Blue Oval Certfied" status after a covered incident involving separation of a ball joint on my 93. I'm still in the process of returning the car to it's original state.

FYI-Bill Ford plans on dumping the BOC label-says it is an inaccurate gauge for determining dealer/customer satisfaction and relations!
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