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I put $500 down almost two years ago. I will the first person to recieve one south of San Antonio TX. My Dealer has told me that they are getting 12 T-Birds this year. I don't how many have been called for. He also told that the price will be around $40,000. Has anyone else given a price.

Kelly, my dealer in Ft. Worth said that a Bird that is fully loaded would cost around $43K. Enough to have to pay the Luxury Tax.
Does anyone know how much the Luxury Tax is?
Hi, Kelley. A fully loaded T-Bird will be $39,000 MSRP. The problem is that many, many dealers are charging an additional (and sometimes huge) markup. I live in Northern California, where all dealers are charging at least $10,000 over (I actually got one quote for $14,000 over). So I ended up going with an out-of-state dealer who is charging a much smaller markup. Many users on these forums, though, have found dealers asking MSRP, so you should check around.
A fully loaded T-Bird is $39,795.00 The Luxary tax is 4%. Youy pay it on any amount over $38,000.00 So if the car is 39,795 less 38,000 = $1,795 x 4% = $71.80
My Premium Bird is $39,795.oo Fully loaded.
The luxary tax is 4% on anything over $38,000.00. So 4% x 1,795.00 = 71.80.
I called my local dealer's sales manager, today, and he informed me that they will be receiving only 5 units. When, they don't know. One of each color all fully equipped. They took no special orders from individuals. They will sell the units @$20,000.00 above window sticker with no dealing. He did put me on a list of interested parties to come to a special viewing when they arrive at the dealership. Someone e-mail me the name of a dealer, in Texas, selling them at window sticker. Thanks.

billc --That information makes me angry. Don't just stick to Texas, call around. It will cost you less to have it shipped to Texas. In fact it is my understanding that you can get it out of state and have it delivered to a dealer in Texas for a small charge
Hey billc: Call the fleet manager at Charlie Hilliard Ford in Ft. Worth, Texas. He told me last week that they had 12 that would come in and I could have been fourth on the list to get one. They were selling them $3000 over MSRP

I ordered my blue T-Bird back in Feb. The dealer hear in York Pa. only ask for $100.00 down and they are selling it for MSRP and NO more. I wouldn't pay over that for any car.
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