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Apr 30, 2002
Good Morning, I need a little help to understand what I should expect from my dealer regarding the purchase of a T-Bird. I feel I have been left out of the mainstream of Bird owners. I have heard of a series of gifts sent by Ford, actual glossy brochure for ording a T-Bird, coupons for free oil changes, delivery by a speciaist that knows the Bird and can explain the features and safety highlights. I know the manual is important but my buddy bought a BMW and for the last year he gets folding chairs, free hand washes, oil changes letters, you get the drift. When you spend 45K you should get some appreciation of thanks. I need to find out what other dealers have done before I write my Ford letter. Maybe William Ford will stumble across it if I make it unemotional and factual.
Thanks for your help. I do like my Yellow bird.

I ordered my B/B premium a year ago (April/01)...after repeated requests to be put on the list for mailings, I still have nothing...

I guess after spending all this cash, I should just be happy I got my car?!
Dealerships were asked to send a list of buyers along with $49 to register their customers in a manage the wait program. It was poorly done because dealers did not presell their birds or did not want to spend the $49 per customer. There is a lot of unsold inventory out there which lets me believe that the dealerships were very greedy
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