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Hi folks,

This is a new thread to deal specifically with what dealers are doing around deals and business practices.

I placed a deposit of $2500 at my dealer in January. When Ford started actually taking the orders, the dealer faxed me an order sheet with the agreed upon price, which was MSRP. This is also what the salesperson told me orally. I did not pay attention to the fact that no one from the dealer SIGNED the order. (by order, I mean the sheet that the dealer fills out that shows the deposit, vehicle price and amount due at delivery).

Now that the car is about to be delivered, they are asking for another $5000. They have told me that I can have my $2500 back if I don't like it. Ford is no help, they only say that they "don't get involved in sales issues. Dealers are independant businesses blaa blaa"

I know I could contact an attorney, threaten legal action etc, but I am hoping to find a better way. I have contacted the Illinois Attorneys General office, but no feedback yet.

Mind you, I understand the free market etc, but this is different. The dealer already agreed to sell me the car at MSRP, and now wants to change their mind.

I am inclined to try small claims court even if I do not get the car. It is a really sad state when people not only do not care about a handshake, but also do not care about written agreements.

Am I way off base here? Should I just say "hey, at least I can get one" and pay the money? Opinions?



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Each state is has a limit on small claims, and it normally only costs 100.00 or less to file the suit for as much as 15,000 depending on your state, and if you win you will get court costs back. Visit and

It is possible that upon the dealership getting summons to appear in court they may decide to comply. Threats to go to court are a waste of time. If they faxed you the buyers order, that is just as good as a signature IMO, so keep that in mind. They put the offer on the table, and you accepted, it does not matter if they signed!

This information is offered "AS-IS" and should not be substituted for legal advice.

I'd tell the dealer that you are going to the local Newspaper with this. THat might make them think -- just the bad publicity will hurt them and make them think twice.
Buy the car and put a large banner on it explaining all the details of the dirty dealer. Make sure and tell the dealer what you intend to do and follow through. What is the dealers name and location?
Hi Everyone,

Thank your for all the helpful suggestions.

The dealer is Brad Manning Ford is Dekalb Illinois. The situatuion is made somewhat complicated by the fact that I am in the Boston area, and am buying the car for my Mother who lives in Dekalb.

One tidbit that I forgot to mention is that the salesmanager told me something to the affect that "at the chicago area ford dealers meeting, all the dealers agreed to charge a minimum of $5000 over MSRP". Seems like an anti-trust violation to me....


thanks for your suggestions.

In what you said seems like you could sink
there ship. Just getting an anti trust
investigtor on them could be a start for
others to follow. As long as some are
paying the prices and believing in a good
deal its not going to stop. If enough
complaints are filed and get air play,
think 60 minutes. Price Fixing ????

Especially since you are trying to get
a "dream car" for you elderly mother and
just look what the money greedy dealer is
doing. !!!!!!! They will love it.

Did look 60 min 2 does have a website and
e-mail address ?????. I just searched
60 minutes.

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