Dead Skunk

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I was always told tomato juice will get rid of the smell on a person or pet, maybe it will work with the T-Bird. Good luck and let me know how u make out.
I know this sounds disgusting, but there is a possible unusual solution. I was watching DIY TV this weekend and "The Queen Of Clean" show was on (yes, I know but it was Sunday night and there wasn't anything I wanted to watch on Speedvision). She was talking about cleaning up pets who were sprayed by skunks and she washed the dog in douche (yes THAT female hygiene product) and it works great according to here. So if you can get up the guts to buy it at the grocery store (my guess is that Autozone doesn't carry it!) the go for it.
02 tbrd, My pet groomer gave me the following formula for my dogs, maybe it works on birds.

1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid soap (Dawn is recommended because of its grease cutting)

Mix in bucket, it will be fizzy. Thoroughly wet your dog (or bird), spray with garden sprayer. Then rinse.

The skunk spray is oily so, the liquid soap will cut the oil and grease and then spray off with a hose. Good luck!
The smell seems to have dissipated a lot overnight--almost to the point where I can barely smell it. I think one good wash and spray of the undercarriage will solve the problem. Thank you all for the suggestions--they are much appreciated.
If you plan on trying any of these remedies then make sure to try them on a small not very visible portion first and see if it damages the paint finish. Some of these methods seem to have some caustic/acidic chemicles in it.
Chemically speaking the douche/tomato juice are almost identical. They are both mild acids. The hyrogen peroxide thing scares me. Two years of organic chemistry at 6K a class tells me not to do that. It is an oxidizer. Just use apple cider vinegar..its cheap, smells ok, and is in a different isle at the store than the DDDD.
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