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dead battery--how do I open the trunk? Remote doesn't work!

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by swiss army knife, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. We parked the 2003 T-bird for the spring to escape the hail storms. Yes, I have started it a couple of times. Tried to start it today, battery dead. Tried both remotes to pop the trunk to get to the battery--nothing. Tried to press the key latch on the driver's door--nothing. I don't find any key slot around the trunk. What can I do now except cry?
  2. Look behind the drivers seat. There should be a button that opens the trunk.
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  3. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

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  4. Right behind the drivers seat is a place to insert your ignition key, turn to right and trunk will open.
    Also described in owners manual if you have one.
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  5. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

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  7. have you tried this method without having any other electrical issues?

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