Day Surgery for Amadeus

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Dang it! My situation is not as severe as GoBirds, but when I opened the garage door this morning to take Amadeus out of the nest, I immediately noticed that some fool has clipped his left rear bumper and put about 3 scrapes into the paint. It had to come from someone leaving a parallel parking place. One would think that people would be more careful when leaving a spot....I guess this one had poor depth perception.

I had already gone to the dealership earlier this week to get a bottle of touch-up paint to take care of the first rock-nose-ding, so now I can try my hand at a job that is a little more challenging.

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HeelBird, sorry to hear about that, doesn't that really pi-- you off.

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Make ready (kids) dropped something on the
hood of my Avalanche. Dealer wanted to
repaint. I told them to leave it alone,
they will just make a bigger mess. Took
some touchup home, I can live with it.

It was the second they damaged that day.
(foolin around)

Good luck on your home repair.
But Norman...It's not winter anymore...Birds fly south only then!

I did the touchup today....fairly happy with the results, but it is still obvious that something happened.

While toothpicking the TBird Blue paint into the damanged area, I looked at the bumper beneath the license plate, and dang if they didn't scrape it there too!!! It doctored up better than the other scrapes.
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